About us
The reason our business is called "Honor Him" is because we seek to bring honor to the Almighty God in all of our work.
It is our sincere goal to bring honor to Jesus Christ in our dealings with others.



We have decades of experience working in many different areas of I.T.  You can rest assured that when we take on a project, we do so with complete confidence that we will do our very best to find the solutions that our clients need to get them where they want to be.



We treat others as we want to be treated.  We have never once taken advantage of someone.  Our word is our bond.  We never sell someone something they don't need or overcharge for what we do.  We never lie about what we do and we keep our agreements in the highest level of integrity.

Programming / development


We have many years of professional experience developing software on multiple platforms.  We have experience with COBOL, Visual Basic, SQL, DMSII, WFL, .NET, .ASP, B-Trieve and other programming tools, languages and databases.


We merged with Sun Valley Systems in 2018.